Pine is a soft wood which grows in most areas of the Norther...



Yassine Group s.a.l. provides to its valued customers different services in their fields in order to make their work more simple, fast, accurate and up to standards.
The services are:
-Boards cutting:
Using the efficient hpl 380 high preformance saw with automatic feeder, boards can be cut into the requested sizes in the most efficient time with maximum use of board’s size.
-Edge banding:
Now customized wood size cut can be covered by melamine edge banding on the requested edges and with different thicknesses and colors.
-Thermal press:
Customers are able and upon their request to press any kind of wood veneer over the surface of the wood sheets and in special designs.
-CNC Router:
Whatever work needed can be done on the cnc router machine available in 2d work and 3d work. Now you can provide us with the design and our team is ready to deliver the requested with high performance degree.
-Sanding machine
  With the sanding machine, we can sand the pressed wood sheets (doors ...) so they would appear like a mirror.
-Vacuum press machine
Using the vacuum press, you no more need to router, sand and paint the wood pieces. All you need is to choose the design and color and our team will provide you with the needed ready for installation.